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15 Jam Recipes You Absolutely Have To Make!

Jam Recipes You Absolutely Have to Make


Two slices of toast with jam on, orange juice, and some fruit for the road. That’s my breakfast every morning and it never disappoints. In order to have an ideal breakfast, you need to best bread, the Best Toaster, the best juice, and, of course, the best jam! Toast, waffles, ice cream, pancakes, oatmeal, scones…lets face it, jam goes on anything. If you love making your own here’s 15 jam recipes you just have to try.

1) Vanilla Honey Peach Butter
Juicy in season peaches and local fresh honey gives you summer in a jar all year round. Get the Recipe: Nutmeg Nanny


2) Lemon Blueberry Jam
Blueberries and lemon? It sounds like an odd combination but the flavours really complement each other and its yummy on pancakes and scones. Get the Recipe: Butter with a Side of Bread


3) Razzleberry Jam
If you love raspberry jam and you love blackberry jam then this juicy preserve is for you….yes it’s got both! Get the Recipe: Six Figures Under



4) Carrot Cake Jam
It’s like cake in a jar!!!! A luscious blend of carrots, pineapple, coconut and spices. Forget spreading it on anything just pass the spoon. Get the Recipe: Wicked Good Kitchen



5) Chocolate Raspberry Jam
Bittersweet chocolate and fresh raspberries married together in perfect harmony. Get the Recipe: Love and Olive Oil



6) Carmel Apple Jam
Divine on waffles And oatmeal. It won’t last long in your pantry if you make this! Get the Recipe: Cooking with Mary and Friends

caramel apple jam


7) Bourbon Bacon Jam
Ok so this is a little off the wall but hey its got bacon in it so its got to be amazing right? Cravings of a lunatic states that it’s orgasmic!



8) Honey Fig Jam
Ooey goey figs and honey! Both of which are fantastically good for you. This ones great for the cheeseboard, and as an ice cream topping, on yoghurt and, well, just about everything else. Get the Recipe: Tasty Yummies

honey fig jam


9) Caramel Cardamom Pear Jam
Grab a spoon and eat it from the jar!! Too good to share (my precious). Get the Recipe: Heartbeet Kitchen

caramel cardamom pear jam

10) Christmas Jam
You can have Christmas (jam) everyday of the ever, provided you make enough. It’s also a yummy Thanksgiving alternative to Cranberry Sauce. Get the Recipe: A Family Feast


11) Peppered Balsamic Berry Jam
It’s one of the stranger flavor combinations on this list but it’s yummy! Get the Recipe: Home Spun Seasonal Living


12) Maple Vanilla Apricot Jam
Please let the jam cool before you lick the spoon! (Slurrp). Get the recipe: The Vintage Mixer



13) Pina Colada Jam
If you like pina coladas without getting caught in the rain, then whip up a batch of this and stock your pantry full of sunshine in a jar. Get the recipe: Taste of Home



14) Salted Cantaloupe Jam
Melon isn’t the first thing you think about when it comes to jam but Cassie from Back to Her Roots says its a must make.

pina colada jam

15) Sweet Cherry Freezer Jam
There’s no canning bath needed for this one, simply store in the freezer. Get the Recipe: The Cafe Sucre Farine



Finally here’s a bonus for you. Ok so its technically not a jam…but we just had to include it for it’s deliciousness factor.

Salted Caramel Sauce

Get the Recipe at Table for Two

That’s our round up of the best jam recipes you should make and stock in your pantry.

(If anyone needs me I’ll be eating jam and scones in my stretchy pants)