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16 Adorable Chicken Coops Your Hens Will Love

chicken coopsTo many of us our chickens aren’t just for eggs but they are pets as well. Why would we not want to spoil them like any other animal close to our hearts by getting them something similar to these wooden chicken coops! These chicken coops aren’t just functional, they are absolutely gorgeous too. Who wouldn’t want their chickens living in a stylish house like their owners do? Plus, it adds some color to the garden in which they live. Some of these coops can even be fitted with an automatic chicken door, making it easier for the chickens to come in and out of their special home. Do you think the comfort and style will help improve laying?

  1. The Cutesey one: Trevor’s Projects


2. The Eggplant Coop: NavyChicks


3. Recycle an old Cabinet: InhabitatChicken-Cabinet-Coop-Ton-Matton-3

4. Backyard Poultry House

12-7-2015 11-25-40 AM

5. Recycle a Trampoline: Pick Me Yard


6. An Architectural Beauty: The City Chicken


7. DIY Cozy Home


8. Wooden Chalet: The City Chicken


9. Ultra Modern: Homedit


10. Red Barn Coop

12-7-2015 11-27-12 AM

11. Tongue & Groovy: Queen Bee Coupons


12. Country Acres


13: The Schoop: Nono


14. The Ultimate Chicken Barn: Gopher Boy Farms


15. Backyard Hen House

12-7-2015 11-29-11 AM

16. The Playhouse: Homespun Sprout


Want to build your own coop? Click Here to Download Plans

We’d love to see and share your chicken coops.