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80 Fabulous Lavender Oil Uses


Lavender oil is a must have item for any every household. It’s not only beneficial for its gorgeous smell but also for its many therapeutic uses. It can treat many things from jet lag, wrinkles, and dandruff to anxiety. It can even treat dog anxiety as well! Check out this article at to discover more about the possible benefits for man’s best friend. If these are not reasons to get your hands on lavender oil, then I don’t know what is. Companies like Healing Solutions can provide you with all the essential oils that you will need. It is best to have them in your home somewhere, just in case you’ll end up needing them.

Here’s our comprehensive list of 80 different lavender oil uses.

  1. Insect Repellent – applied direct to skin or mixed as a spray lavender oil of protects against insects
  1. Induces sleep and treats insomnia: sprinkle a few drops on your pillow or use an air diffuser at bedtime
  1. Calms the nervous system: inhale directly or diffuse
  1. Helps relieve muscle and joint pain: mix a few drops with carrier oil and massage gently onto affected area.
  1. Improves and lowers blood pressure
  1. Reduces stress and calms anxiety: inhale directly or mix with carrier oil and rub onto pressure points. If you don’t find these effects potent enough to cope with your own stress and anxiety then perhaps trying something like solutions offered at a cannabis dispensary (you can learn more about one here – might work better for you.
  1. Fights respiratory infections such as colds and flu, also loosens phlegm
  1. Deters head lice: Add drops of lavender oil to shampoo and conditioner to repel head lice
  1. Eliminate head lice: Using coconut oil or olive oil, mix in a few drops of lavender oil. Apply mix to dry hair, cover with a shower cap and leave for several hours before combing hair out with a lice comb
  1. Psoriasis: apply several times a day with a hydrosol spray
  1. Acts as an immunity booster
  1. Heals cuts: mix with carrier oil and apply
  1. Heals burns: make a salve with 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 vitamin e capsule, 10 drops lavender oil (store in dark cool place in a glass jar. Apply daily or as needed
  1. Improves scar tissue formation: use the mentioned above
  1. Treats eczema: mix a few drops with carrier oil and apply to skin
  1. Acne: Mix 5 drops of lavender oil with 1-2 tsp of jojoba oil and apply to skin like a mask. Cysts can be spot treated with a cotton swab of lavender
  1. Bee stings: stops the itching & swelling


  1. Improves digestion
  1. Stops insect bites from itching
  1. Stops nosebleeds: Put a few drops of Lavender on the end of a facecloth, and swab the end of and sides of nose
  1. Restores chapped lips: Try our homemade Lavender Lip Balm Recipe
  1. Athlete’s foot: Lavender oil is a highly potent anti fungal. Add 3 drops to carrier oil and apply to infected area
  1. Improves Urine Flow
  1. Treats Bruises. Mix a few drops with carrier oil and apply
  1. Chilblains: for maximum relief mix drops of lavender oil with coconut oil which also has soothing properties.
  1. Ringworm: apply a couple of drops directly to the affected area, twice a day
  1. Scabies: Kill the mites and their eggs by mixing several drops with rubbing alcohol and apply to affected skin
  1. Period pain: Rub 3 drops on lavender oil onto hands,rub together and inhale directly. Also mixed with carrier oil onto lower abdomen.
  1. Colic: warm some organic olive oil and mix in a few drops of lavender oil, slowly and gently massage babies belly in a clockwise direction
  1. Asthma: diffuse in air
  1. Alleviate hay fever: Place drops into palm of your hand and inhale the aroma.
  1. Keeps hair healthy and stops breakages: add drops of the oil to your shampoo
  1. Eliminate dandruff: rub oil onto scalp
  1. Combat oily hair: add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner
  1. Alopecia: Daily massage with lavender oil has proven to help with hair regrowth
  1. Get rid of cold sores: apply to cold sore several times a day. Things like the Quantum Health lip clear ointment with herbs, vitamins and other topicals in can contribute to fast relief of pain and itching as well as soothes and moisturizes the affected area.
  1. Sprains and Strains: make a cold compress and apply to area.
  1. Use in cooking and baking: Lavender is great flavour addition to dessert, pies and bread recipes. Use it sparingly in your baking as a little will go a long way. Think of it like a vanilla extract
  1. Can be used on pets:
  1. Use as a household cleaner
  1. Flea and tick repellent: mix 10-12 drops of Lavender oil with 1-2 ounces mild organic soap and water, spray on clothes and skin
  1. Clean make up brushes: add a drop of lavender oil and 1 tsp castile soap to a cup of water and mix to blend. Massage the water into your brushes to clean and disinfect.
  1. Keeps allergies at bay: Apply topically to cheeks, forehead and sinus area. Use in an in room diffuser
  1. Cancer: Scientific studies on the effect of Lavender oil and cancer are still underway however studies have shown that it reduces the chances of breast cancer in mice.
  1. Stimulates appetite
  1. Blisters: make a salve with 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 vitamin E capsule, 10 drops lavender oil and apply regularly
  1. Diaper rash: mix ¼ cup melted coconut oil with 3-4 drops of the oil. Store in a glass jar
  1. Dry skin: mix with carrier oil and apply after a shower or bath.
  1. Shingles: apply a hot compress with lavender oil onto the affected areas as needed
  1. Sinusitis: add 2 drops of lavender oil to a bowl of steaming water. Place your head over the bowl, wrapping a towel around to keep the steam in. Inhale deeply
  1. Helps reduce Gas/Flatulence
  1. Itching: dab the oil onto affected area
  1. Hyperactivity
  1. Jet lag: apply to your pulse points


  1. Calms palpitations: inhale or diffuse
  1. Mosquito repellent
  1. Soothes Poison ivy & Poison Oak rashes
  1. Sunburn: Add 4 drops of lavender oil and 4 of peppermint oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage onto affected areas
  1. Stretch marks: Apply lavender oil on the marks at least 3 times a day;
  1. Vertigo: dab a drop of lavender on your temples or add to a warm bath
  1. Wrinkles: nourishes and soothes the skin. Try a face mask of lavender oil and egg whites.
  1. Gets rid of headaches: Inhale or rub onto temples. Works even better if you add peppermint oil as well
  1. Treats indigestion
  1. Aids in treating diarrhoea: use the Steam inhalation method Or mix with carrier oil and massage clockwise into abdomen.
  1. Arthritis: sprinkle oil on a hot compress or add to bath
  1. Cellulite: add to warm bath
  1. Hand sanitizer: rub a couple of drops between your hands
  1. Cystitis: add a few drops to a warm bath
  1. Vaginitis: add a few drops to a warm bath


  1. Dry eyes: add a couple of drops in a bowl of water, dampen a wash cloth and place over eyes
  1. Earaches: place a couple of drops on a cotton ball, place gently in ear and wear overnight,
  1. Inflamation
  1. Varicose veins: massage into legs daily and then put your feet up
  1. Menopause: add drops to a warm bath
  1. Oily skin: mix with a carrier oil and use as a moisturiser
  1. PMS: rub on neck or back to lift mood
  1. Skin fungus: add drops to bath
  1. Swollen feet: place feet in a bowl of warm water and with drops of lavender oil in
  1. Moth repellent: place a piece of cloth sprinkled with Lavender oil in drawers to keep moths away.
  1. Treat coughs & sore throats: Mix together and warm 2 drops of lavender oil and a carrier oil, rub onto throat and neck. Can also be diffused into the air

For lavender oil to work effectively it should always be bought in its purest form.

We have mentioned the using a carrier oil several times in the list. A carrier oil is an oil that can be used to dilute the pure essential oil. There are several recommended for use: olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and grapeseed.

It is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women, and patients with diabetes should stay away from using lavender oil.

If you have your list of go to lavender oil uses, we’d love to hear from you.