About Us

Nurtured Ground is your HQ for all things homestead & hobby farm related. Whether you wish for a calmer more self-sustainable lifestyle for your family, or you dream of moving to a rural acreage and getting your hands dirty, we are here to help you learn and live with simpler ways.

We will bring you the best information and experienced contributors so you can grow, prosper and thrive in a return to roots, back to basics, homesteading style life

Nurture [nur-cher]

verb (used with object), nurtured, nurturing.

to feed and protect:
to support and encourage, foster:
to bring up; train; educate.


to lay or set on the ground.
to place on a foundation; fix firmly; settle or establish; found.
to instruct in elements or first principles:
to furnish with a ground or background.

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