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Book Review: The Accidental Farmers


If you dream of running away from urban sprawl and moving to the country to start your own homestead or farm, then The Accidental Farmers is the ideal book for you to read.

What exactly are The Accidental Farmers?

Simply defined its the true story of an urban couple who moved to a rural area and started farming. Tim Young and his wife, Liz, start farming and raise sheep, cows, and poultry. They were working as suburban professionals and their lives were full of restaurants, concerts and golf.

They wanted a change in their lives, which eventually turned them towards homesteading and becoming small farmers. This transformation brings endless entertainment to them and they get the freedom to enjoy their lives.

What can you learn from The Accidental Farmers?

Throughout the book, Tim  describes his experience with emotional honesty, thoughtfulness and a sense of good story. Many people  might wonder whether they are crazy to give up all the luxury that they have in their lives and move into a rural area. But if you read this book, you will get to know about the exact reason behind their decision.

Tim and Liz plan to farm naturally in order to cope up with the difficulties that will arise in the long run. For example, they allow sows to build their own nests or they provide farrowing huts. In addition, they have taken necessary measures to cull the chicken flock to keep them away from respiratory illnesses and castrate all the male piglets who are being raised for meat in order to avoid boar taint.

With these examples, they will take you throughout their thought process. You can also get to know about the disagreements that took place between these two and how they found out the ideal solutions to them. At the end of the book, you will get a complete understanding on how to run your own farm and how to raise different types of animals. As a result, you can easily get rid of your busy life schedule and move onto farming and enjoy your life along with nature.

Giving up your urban lifestyle and moving into a rural area can be considered as a deep commitment. However, more and more people are considering it as an alternative lifestyle away from the pressures of city living. The Accidental Farmers gives you an idea if what this shift in lifestyle looks like, both the good and the bad.