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How To Make Bone Broth

12-7-2015 2-06-15 PM

Over the last couple of years bone broth has been hailed as the new cure all superfood. So what is it and why is it apparently so good for you?
Bone Broth is effectively a simplified stock made by gently and very slowly simmering chicken, beef or even fish bones with a splash of apple cider vinegar to pull all the important minerals out of the bones. 

Grocery store broth (stock) is not only chock full of additives and flavorings but it has very little nutritional value compared to what bone broth has to offer such as:

  • being low calorie, gluten free and stacked full of nutrients
  • is a great source of protein and minerals
  • contains Amino acids that promote a healthy immune system and digestive track
  • gelatin within the bones promotes healthy hair and nails
  • contains glucosamine which helps with joint pain and arthritus. Forget pricey drug store supplements…drink it straight from the cup

Top quality, organic ingredients are key to a great bone broth. Go for grass fed and organic from your local butcher or farm. You can use bones from any animal but for the best broth use a variety of bones such as marrow bones, oxtail, or knuckle bones.