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20 Ways to Make Money with Your Homestead

20 ways to make money with your homesteadIt doesn’t matter if you have a postage stamp size urban plot of land or a country acreage, your homestead provides many opportunities to help become financially self sufficient. If you don’t currently own any land but it’s something you’ve always wanted to do (whether it’s for recreational use or as an investment), why not read these potential ways you might be able to make money off your land. Although finding the perfect plot of land will be difficult, you could always consider land in and around lots of activities, such as kayaking and fishing as this will appeal to more people if you’re looking to hire out for example. To see what sort of plots are available, you might want to search online or read more…

Of course, these ideas won’t make you a millionaire they will certainly help cover some of the costs involved in running your home or indeed help you make a little extra treat money. So how can you make money with your homestead? Well the answer to that depends on a number of factors

  • how much land you have,
  • the time you have available
  • your skill set
  • whether you are looking to supplement your income while maintaining a 9-5 job or to be completely financially self sufficient with your homestead

There are numerous ways- from products to services-that will help you create an extra income stream and while we list some below you may want to download our eBook, 150 Ways to Make Money from Your Homestead, for more ideas.

1. Raise Backyard Chickens for eggs or for sellingmother-hen-374128_640

2. Sell your Home Grown Produce at the local farmers market

3. Become a Worm Farmer and raise worms either to sell as bait or red wrigglers for composting worms.

4. Use your greenhouse to grow and sell bedding plants and seedlings

greenhouse-827464_6405. Specialise in unusual greenhouse grows such as tea, avocados or exotic fruits

6. Host local chef events or cooking classes

7. Host an artisan, craft or vintage market

8. Organize your own farm to table event and sell tickets. Coordinate with other local vendors and farms for maximum exposure and local produce

9. Become a compost-master and sell the best garden fertilizer for miles around.

10. Sell heirloom seeds by collecting them at the end of your growing season and packaging them up.

cheese-platter-995803_64011. Try your hand at Artisan produce such as sausage and charcuterie or cheese

12. Sell your homemade preserves. Stand out from the strawberry jam crowd by focusing on unusual (but still yummy) combinations

13. Make and sell handmade soap and body products

14. Use your carpentry skills to create rustic handmade furniture and home decor

15.If knitting or crochet is your thing, create homemade hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and more. (Bonus points if you use your own animal’s fibre)

16. Make and sell your own spice mixes and sauces

tee-1022443_640 (1)17. Become a tea master and sell your own combinations online

18. Open an Etsy store for your creations

19. Sell raw materials for crafters such as wool, wood, beeswax, eggshells and dried or pressed flowers

20. Seasonally make wreathes, garlands and dried flower arrangements, taking orders in advance

christmas-992827_640Hopefully we have given you a few ideas to start thinking about how you can earn extra income from your homestead, whether it’s to replace a full time income or help with unexpected costs that pop up. Looking for even more ways to make money from the comfort of your own home? You could always do some research of your own into how to make money online. There are some fantastic ideas out there that are well worth considering. All it takes is a bit of creativity and a spark of passion. Who knows, your little extra on the side idea could be your new fully fledged business.

For more ways to make money with your homestead download our free ebook here

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