Raising Animals

Miniature Cows That Make Your Heart Melt!! (video)

They’re half the size of a regular cow but have all the same features. Growing to about 36 inches tall. you can easily keep a small herd of miniature cows on your homestead either as companion animals, as pets, for milk or to breed. (I don’t have the heart to say for meat).

These miniature longhorns are adorable and much less work than regular sized cattle. They are easier on the pastures as they don’t tear the ground up and they don’t need tall fences. They have been known to squeeze under gates though, so Cattle Guards are recommended to keep them safe.

These miniature jerseys many not produce as much milk as a regular jersey but the quality of the milk, the butterfat and the protein make them the ideal cow for a small diary.


Sally & Warren Coad raise miniature cows and say they are extremely cost effective and easy to raise. They orignially had 30 full sized cows grazing around 70 acres of land. They have replaced them with 90 minitures. A full sized cow used to cost $3700 a year to feed but the smaller Dexter herd they now raise costs around $640 per year per cow. 

Honestly if you don’t think these are the cutest animals for your homestead, well then I don’t know what to say 😉